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Your brand is at the heart of everything you do. The service you offer, the decisions you make, the clients you have —and crafting a brand that truly resonates with your audience, is no easy feat. That’s why we work collaboratively, looking at your vision to determine the best approach and create custom design solutions that deliver the strategic results you need to break through to your next level. Because your business has the potential to thrive with the right support behind it—and to do that, it takes a team.

This is ours.


Founder & Creative Director

My journey started in a place you might not expect. I graduated with a degree in neuroscience, and naturally found my way into various jobs in the charity and research sectors. But the lack of creativity and freedom to define my own success, aspirations and location didn’t suit me. I didn’t know how I could turn my love of design into a career and instead found myself going from job to job, feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

I started building websites as a hobby, and then when I was living in Asia I decided to learn how to code to build my skill set. Then, during the lockdown, I spent hours practising building my designs into code from scratch - and quickly found that coding enabled me to perfectly combine my two loves: science and creativity. It was here that Klioh was born.

Starting Klioh Studio completely changed my life. It helped me realise that I no longer had to chase careers I had outgrown. I could combine passion, purpose and profitability into my profession—and now I get to help others who are doing the same, by utilising digital and print design to help them tell their story.


Lead Developer

It can be the scariest thing in the world to leave a secure job behind to chase your dreams—but that’s exactly what Carly did. After six years of the “eat, sleep, work, repeat” she realised that the 9-5 office life wasn’t providing her with the freedom she craved and decided to take matters into her own hands with a career overhaul. She joined a web-development course and immediately knew that she had found her purpose. So now, she does exactly that! She is our Queen of Code, helping our clients all over the world to create unique custom-coded online homes that stand out in an oversaturated market.


Brand Designer

Becca is the creative lead for all brand design at Klioh. She builds the most beautiful bespoke, bold brand identities for our clients, from strategy through to brand design, including social media branding, packaging and print. She has been working as a brand and graphic designer for the last 8 years and is passionate about helping brands and businesses to create timeless bespoke brand identities and brand collateral which help our clients stand out in the market and attract their ideal audience. 


Shopify Developer

Natasha is a food-anthropologist-turned-dev and a master of all things Shopify and e-commerce. At 22, instead of settling for a typical career path after graduating from NYU, she followed her adventurous spirit and moved to Bali to learn to code. Fast forward five years, and Natasha's work has given her the freedom to live around the world, create innovative code, and craft gorgeous e-commerce ⁠stores for our clients' brands to flourish effortlessly.


Studio Manager & Editorial Graphic Designer

Claire began her career in publishing, working as an Editor for over 10 years. But then she started her own graphic design and art business, freelancing for several design agencies and falling in love with design in the process. Now, she combines the two, enjoying how copy and design play together and compiling creative solutions for our clients that help them to innovate and dominate their market. Claire is also our Studio Manger, onboarding clients, assigning Client Portals where we can track projects and review designs, and overseeing project timelines as they move through the design and development process.


Admin & Project Assistant

After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, Katie created her own clothing brand and also worked as a Studio Manager for a fashion brand. At Klioh, Katie keeps us all in check, working closely with the team and clients to help the manage day-to-day admin of the business.⁠ She also designs social media posts, Instagram story templates and optimises and uploads copy and imagery to client websites. Katie loves working at Klioh as it allows her to pursue her need for creativity whilst using her admin and organisational skills.