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Harry’s first site was the perfect home for him to launch his mental health services, and share his training resources and story. But as his consultancy as an individual grew into a full-fledged business and team, working with partners around the world, he knew it was time to upgrade his website to reflect it. After working with Revolt London to create his new brand identity, Harry was looking for a bold new website to match, ready for the launch of this next phase of his business.⁠


We created the new online home for Corin & Co, taking his old website and transforming it into a bold new space, complete with an impressive list of new offerings and clients, ready for the launch of his next stage.


“It has been a pleasure to work and get to know Izzy. After my first meeting, I came away feeling impressed and eager to get started. Prior to meeting Izzy, I was caught in two minds, whether I should push on and create a website or hold off. I knew straight away that Izzy was the right person to bring my vision to life. More than anything, I enjoyed the process of building the site. The process was well-managed and together we were able to build a site that we are both very proud of. As with everything, it's important to be on the same page with people you are working with - I certainly felt this. Izzy is a warm and caring person, but also loves what she does. This energy and drive are shown in the quality of the work. I would recommend to anyone and everyone!!” —Harry Corin, Founder.